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by さみ


Favorite Usagi & Rei Moments
001. You’re A Coward

I want to talk a little about the special friendship between Usagi and Rei in the anime, which is one of the many things that are exclusive to the anime in a good way. This was perhaps their first real dramatic moment, and where Rei first showed how much she cares about Usagi. A funny way to show it? Well, Rei has always been about tough love. She started out as someone who heavily criticized Usagi and probably didn’t consider her good for anything, yet she’s the one who also grew to become Usagi’s closest friend among all the Senshi.

Here, what must not be forgotten is that up until this episode where they got their memories of their past lives back, Rei was dating Mamoru. So this was the point where she realized that he never belonged to her at all. I think it would be silly to say that she wasn’t heartbroken. It would be normal for her to resent Usagi even a little for this whole thing, even though it isn’t anybody’s fault. She could’ve watched Usagi self-destruct here, but no. She can’t let that happen. She has to snap Usagi out of it. Rei’s used to being the bad guy anyway - she doesn’t mind it. Who else is going to do it? The others might try to comfort or confront Usagi with words, but someone needs to literally knock some sense into her. 

Ami’s not going to do it because she’s too sweet. Minako is the newest to the group and while she understands responsibility better than all of them given that she’s been doing this the longest, she also has that little bit of distance still between her and the others, and she respects Usagi’s role as the Princess too much. Mako is tough but she’s also fiercely protective of Usagi - almost like a big sister - and there’s no way she’d ever lay a hand on her, probably especially because of her tough reputation. So… Rei it is. 

A part of this speech definitely shows her hurt talking. Mamoru - the guy she’s in love with - just risked his life to save Usagi’s. And now Usagi’s going to give up on their mission, wasting his sacrifice. There is bitterness in what Rei is saying, but I believe deep down she’s saying these things with Usagi’s best interests at heart. 



"Ai to seigi no serafuku Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!"


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